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Our Lynwood Plumbing Signature Services

There are some services that we just do better than anyone else, things we've trained to do for longer and learned to do better, things that we are the experts on. If you need one of these services in the Lynwood CA area, call us to see what a difference signature service makes.

Water Heater Repair

When we first started working in the Our Lynwood CA Plumbing team does water heater repairplumbing industry we only handled conventional water heater repairs. Our techs have so much experience diagnosing and repairing water heaters that we can usually tell what the problem is by asking you a few questions over the phone. When we arrive, we've already got the tools and replacement parts in hand.

As we continued to work in the area of water heaters, tankless varieties started to become more popular and our techs responded b y learning everything there is to know about the new technology. We have handled so many of these new Takagi and Rinnai tankless water heaters in the Lynwood CA area that we know which tank will be right for your water usage and temperature gain needs.  Call our Lynwood water heater repair team for a consult today!

Garbage Disposal Service

One of the most common repairs we do garbage disposal repair in Lynwoodthat our service techs get called in for is garbage disposal repair. We've seen our share of burnt out motors and stuck blades. It doesn't matter if you have an Insinkerator, Waste King or another major brand – we fix them all. Of course, repairs are only a part of what we do. Our real specialty is installation. We've installed 500+ units in the past five years in commercial and residential kitchens. Our Lynwood garbage disposal service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so no matter when a problem happens, we've got your back.   

Non-Invasive Leak Detection

We've come to terms with our inner our leak detection specialists use non invasive techniquesgeek and fully embraced the new no-invasive leak detection equipment in our field. Not only is it ultra-cool to be able to look behind your walls without having to drill exploratory holes, it saves time and money. We use a system that works on sonic wave detection to determine the acoustic resonance of the area behind your walls. A leaky pipe will return a specific frequency on our equipment. Our Lynwood leak detection team has a 100% success rate with this awesome new technology. Call us in to check your walls today!  

Lateral Line Clearing

If your drains are all running slow, it is a sign we are your Lynwood CA drain clearing specialiststhat your lateral line is clogged. The lateral line is the pipe that runs from your main home drain line to the municipal water system drain line. Clogs that happen in this area of the plumbing system are almost always caused by tree root invasion or grease build up. While there are commercial drain cleaning products that claim to clear these clogs, they often don't completely clear the line and they are almost always environmentally toxic.

Our Lynwood drain clearing team uses a power auger to clear out most drain line systems. This powerful drain snake chews through the clog mechanically and grinds it down to pieces small enough to flow down the pipe. This 250 ft auger can reach clogs that standard drain snakes simply can't reach. Call in our specialists and get your drains running fast now!