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Our Plumbers in Lynwood Know Your Faucets

our Plumbers in Lynwood fix leaky faucetsOne of the most common plumbing related issues in the home is a leaky faucet. Our plumbers in Lynwood know that you may be tempted to tighten down the pipes at the first sign of a leak, this isn't always the best solution. The majority of leaks are caused by a cracked seal or washer. In standard compression type faucets (by far the most common bathtub controls) the washers and seals are repeatedly compressed and released to allow water to flow. This repeated torquing breaks down the rubber and causes cracks. Replacing the washers and seals will usually eliminate the leak.

In washerless systems, leaks are far our plumbers fix faucets in all parts of the home less common but can occur. There are three types of these; disk, cartridge and ball. The type is determined by the type and shape of the sealing mechanism. In disk systems, there are two seals that may fail. The inlet and outlet seals are located at either end of the main water line. They are disk shaped rubber seals that seal around the threading of the water pipe. Replacing them is as simple as unscrewing the pipe and popping them off. Slip new seals around the pipe and retighten.

Cartridge systems are a bit simpler. There is a simple O ring that attaches at the base of the cartridge unit to the faucet body. If it begins leaking, the entire cartridge needs to be replaced. There are literally thousands of types of cartridges and you must make sure to match the one you have exactly. Major home improvement and hardware stores often carry the most common brand in the area but you may need to order a replacement online if you have a faucet exotic to the area.

In a ball system there are both O rings and if it's raining in your kitchen because of a broken faucet head, we can fix it inlet seals. If the handle of your faucet leaks, remove the handle and tighten down the adjusting seal. If this doesn't fix the problem you'll need to replace the inlet seals and springs. If fixing the inlet doesn't stop the leak, your ball has cracked or warped and you'll need to purchase a new one.

Our plumbers in Lynwood can take care of any faucet problems you may have. If you don't know what kind of system you have, or don't feel confident replacing it, call in the pros. We do this kind of thing for a living so you can be sure it's done right.